Bumpers: Its Importance, Functions and Where to Find Replacement Bumpers

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Author: Terry Brown

Bumpers are one of the most essential auto parts. They serve both an aesthetic and practical function. They are also important safety features. Bumpers are made of heavy sheet metal and are mounted on the front and rear of the car. Bumpers are bent and formed into specific shapes in order to absorb and deliver momentum during a collision. In the event of a collision, the bumper absorbs some of the impact, which decreases damage to the car and its occupants. It also protects the front of the car by diverting all of the car's momentum to the object with which it has collided. The bumper is mounted to the car's chassis with special impact absorbers. These shock absorbers are often spring loaded. In slow speed collisions, this allows the bumper to compress, and then extend back to its original position. All bumpers are designed to absorb the energy of the impact. They do this through a series of valves and air chambers.

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